The Best of Dave Lowry

The Best of Dave Lowry

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The Best of Dave Lowry
By Dave Lowry

“For more than two decades, Black Belt has given me a vehicle to write about the old ways, the old arts, the old traditions. ”—Dave Lowry

Whether examining the origins of the tonfa or the popularity of mixed-martial arts tournaments, Black Belt columnist Dave Lowry consistently provides a unique historical and philosophical take on his subjects. In this fully illustrated collection of more than 70 of his Karate Way columns from Black Belt, Dave Lowry offers his perspective in essays focusing on Asian culture and traditional martial arts.

“The Best of Dave Lowry includes the following topics:

  • ancient and modern masters
  • tenets of budo
  • hazards and benefits of martial arts training
  • sensei traditions
  • the ongoing learning process of “true” martial artists
  • karate defense techniques
  • dojo ethics and protocols
  • mental-training techniques
  • weapon histories
  • kata applications

Whether you’re a student of the arts or a fan of Japanese culture in general, The Best of Dave Lowry will impart to you all the knowledge he’s acquired during his travels and training in Asia. (187 pages)