The Art of the Ninja Volume 3 (DVD)

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The Art of the Ninja Volume 3 (DVD)
By Jack Hoban

Learn the striking techniques of the ninja.

Jack Hoban has dedicated his life to the path of the warrior. After learning the once-guarded ninja arts from grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, he established himself as one of the “founding fathers” of ninjutsu in America. In this exciting DVD, Jack Hoban shares once-secret ninjutsu techniques with you!

This volume of The Art of the Ninja covers the following:
  • uchi waza (striking methods)
  • keri waza (kicking methods)
  • kamae (body attitudes, stances)
  • The Art of the Ninja Volume 3 will give you the tools you need to fight like a ninja.
    (Approx. 60 min.)