The Art of the Ninja Volume 2 (DVD)

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The Art of the Ninja Volume 2 (DVD)
By Jack Hoban

The art of ninjutsu will teach you to move silently, strike with precision and avoid being seen.

Black Belt is proud to unleash The Art of the Ninja Volume 2. Picking up where his previous DVD left off, shinoshi (senior instructor) Jack Hoban shares more ninjutsu techniques that he learned from grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan.

This volume covers the following:
  • taisabaki (basic body movements)
  • ukemi (injury prevention)
  • taihenjutsu (movements to avoid danger)
  • rolling breakfalls, cartwheels and leaping techniques
  • avoiding sword cuts
Jack Hoban’s dynamic and easy-to-understand approach makes learning ninjutsu techniques fun, no matter your level of expertise.
(Approx 50 min.)