The Art of the Ninja Volume 1

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The Art of the Ninja Volume 1

By Jack Hoban
Learn the long-guarded secrets of the ninja warriors in your own home.

Jack Hoban—former Marine Corps captain and one of the acknowledged founding fathers of ninjutsu in America—reveals the core physical techniques of this mysterious and often misunderstood art form. Trained by grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan, shidoshi (senior instructor) Jack Hoban is an ideal instructor for teaching ninjutsu techniques to novice and experienced martial artists.

This ninja DVD presents an easy-to-understand approach for learning the basics of budo taijutsu, including the following:
  • juan taiso (stretching and conditioning exercises)
  • shan shin no kata (fundamental body-spirit exercises)
  • kihon happo (fundamental techniques)
  • weapons usage

The Art of the Ninja Volume 1 is the perfect place to begin your training in the ninja arts. (Approx. 50 min.)