Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 2: No-Rules Rumble

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Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun Volume 2: No-Rules Rumble

On the streets of Hong Kong there are no rules.

Grandmaster William Cheung—longtime friend and training partner of Bruce Lee— demonstrates some of the wing chun techniques used to defeat street attacks.
In Street Fighting Applications of Wing Chun, Volume 2: No-Rules Rumble, grandmaster William Cheung discusses some of his most brutal knife attacks.

When grandmaster William Cheung encounters members of Hong Kong’s gang committing a violent crime, he becomes a marked man and finds himself the target of an ambush by three men—one of whom is armed with a sword.

In this volume, grandmaster William Cheung deconstructs the self-defense techniques he used to survive these encounters. This volume also includes:
  • dealing with an edged-weapon attack
  • weapon disarms
  • thinking on your feet
  • dagger attacks
  • butterfly sword drills
  • footwork for weapon disarms

Grandmaster William Cheung is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member and has trained since the age of 10 with the legendary Yip Man. From his headquarters in Australia, grandmaster William Cheung now operates a worldwide network of instructors and students interested in learning wing chun techniques. He is also an expert in meridians, pressure points and meditation dealing with internal energies. Today, his programs for sports injuries and stress-related illnesses are highly sought across the globe.
(Approx. 130 min.)