Karate Volume 2

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Karate Volume 2
By Fumio Demura

Improve your karate blocks, stances and strikes with Fumio Demura.

Black Belt Hall of Fame member and author Fumio Demura teaches you more martial arts techniques in this karate DVD. With this volume, Fumio Demura demonstrates body dynamics, flexibility training and self-defense techniques. He also guides you through various types of kata, such as:
  • pinan
  • nidan
  • pinan yondan
  • pinan shodan
  • pinan godan
  • pinansandan

Anyone—regardless of size, age or gender—can learn karate techniques. People from all over the world use karate training to build self-confidence, improve physical health and learn self-defense techniques—and so can you.
(Approx. 60 min.)