Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 5 (DVD)

Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 5 (DVD)

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Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 5 (DVD)
by Takayuki Kubota

In Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 5, you’ll learn Soke Takayuki Kubota’s hybrid self-defense system: gosoku-ryu.

This karate DVD includes the following topics:
  • kicking drills
  • striking drills
  • effective ways to strike and kick an attacker
  • how to block attacks and initiate counterattacks
  • executing takedowns
  • defending against holds and grabs
  • ways of defending yourself from the ground or while sitting
  • turning ordinary items into weapons
  • avoiding potentially lethal situations on the street
Takayuki Kubota is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the founder and grandmaster of the International Karate Association. Takayuki Kubota has taught at the Kamata Police Station in Japan, where he shared karate, taiho-jutso and self-defense techniques to law enforcers. He also instructed the U.S. military police and personnel in self-defense techniques. Takayuki Kubota has taught martial arts techniques to police and FBI personnel in California.

Gosoku-ryu—Takayuki Kubota’s powerful and practical self-defense system—has spread to more than 50 countries around the world and has been used to train law-enforcement personnel as well as private individuals in self-defense. Learn these martial arts techniques in this karate DVD from the man who has trained some of the finest military and law-enforcement personnel in the world. (Approx. 60 min.)