Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 4 (DVD)

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Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 4 (DVD)
by Takayuki Kubota

Black Belt Hall of Fame member Takayuki Kubota is the founder of the International Karate Association. In this karate DVD, you’ll learn the following:

  • gosoku-ryu kata
  • basic drills
  • kihon no kata
  • advanced gosoku-ryu kata
  • detailed explanations of the hidden fighting techniques in kata

Takayuki Kubota has taught karate, taiho-jutso and self-defense techniques to law enforcers at the Kamata Police Station in Japan. He’s also shared his self-defense techniques with the U.S. military police and personnel. Takayuki Kubota has taught martial arts techniques to police and FBI personnel in California.

Gosoku-ryu—Takayuki Kubota’s powerful and practical self-defense system—incorporates judo, karate and jujutsu techniques. Learn these martial arts techniques in this karate DVD from the man who has trained some of the finest military and law-enforcement personnel in the world.

( 54 min.)