Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 2 (DVD)

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Karate: Advanced Fighting Series Volume 2 (DVD)
by Takayuki Kubota

Master gosoku-ryu,the powerful and practical self-defense system.

Takayuki Kubota’s hybrid system incorporates martial arts techniques from karate, judo and jujutsu. With this karate DVD, you’ll learn the same martial arts techniques that have been taught to some of the finest military and law-enforcement personnel in the world.

This karate DVD includes the following:

  • striking speed drills
  • kicking and punching attacks and counters
  • footwork and maneuvers
  • takedowns
  • coordination drills to improve your martial arts techniques, speed and defenses

Takayuki Kubota is a member of theBlack BeltHall of Fame and the founder and grandmaster of the International Karate Association. Takayuki Kubota has taught at the Kamata Police Station in Japan, where he demonstrated karate, taiho-jutso and self-defense techniques to law enforcers.

(Approx. 57 min.)