Kapap Combat Concepts Volume One: Principles and Conditioning

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Kapap Combat Concepts Volume One: Principles and Conditioning

by Avi Nardia and Albert Timen with special adviser John Machado

As the tactical foundation of the Israeli self-defense and security forces, kapap’s face-to-face combat system continues to serve a vital role in modern warfare. This kapap DVD covers in greater detail the core concepts found in the Kapap Combat Concepts book, illustrating them in real time with a variety of instructors and experts led by system co-creators Avi Nardia and Albert Timen.

The kapap DVD includes the following topics:
  • the push-pull principles and kapap techniques
  • manipulations via T-shapes
  • linear vs. circular attacks
  • how to counter edged-weapon attacks
  • the concept of relative position
  • attacking sensory points and the brain
  • the high-low attack principle
  • mental and physical conditioning for combat
  • much more from the original Israeli self-defense system

(Approx. 52 min.)