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Kama (DVD)

by Fumio Demura

Master essential self-defense techniques with the sickle-shaped kama.
The kama is a tool with a sharp cutting edge used by Okinawan farmers to harvest their rice crops. To protect themselves from attackers, the Okinawans developed self-defense techniques using the kama as a martial arts weapon.

Now you have the chance to master these martial art techniques with sensei Fumio Demura. This karate DVD teaches you the fundamentals of proper kama techniques, including the following:
  • proper grips
  • strikes
  • stances
  • counters
  • self-defenses techniques
  • proper implementations of the martial arts weapon used in combat centuries ago
  • a beginner’s basic kata

Sensei Fumio Demura, considered one of the world’s leading martial artists, studied kendo and judo in his youth. After becoming a champion competitor in Japan, sensei Fumio Demura concentrated his martial arts practice on karate and kubudo. The Black Belt Hall of Fame member is now the foremost authority in the art of kubudo.
(Approx. 58 min.)