Judo Part 1 (DVD)

Judo Part 1 (DVD)

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by Hayward Nishioka

World-renowned judo champion Hayward Nishioka shares his expertise in judo in this DVD.
A Black Belt Hall of Fame member (1977, Judo Instructor of the Year), Hayward Nishioka began his career in the United States and his martial arts journey eventually took him to the famed Kodokan Judo Institute in Japan to study.

    In this three-part judo DVD series, Hayward Nishioka covers the following:
    • proper breakfalls
    • 15 of judo’s primary throws
    • grappling skills
    • other winning judo techniques

    Hayward Nishioka has acquired a skill and insight as a competitor and teacher, and he’s an internationally respected judo lecturer.

    (Approx. 45 min.)