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Full-Contact Karate 2-DVD Set

Take your Karate training to the next level! In this highly anticipated 2-DVD set, Kenji Yamaki -...
Take your Karate training to the next level! In this highly anticipated 2-DVD set, Kenji Yamaki - one of only 14 people in the world to have endured the 100-man kumite - explains and demonstrates his stylized yamaki-ryu take on classic kyokushin karate. Moving and kicking as nimbly as a bantamweight, this 6-foot-2-inch karate heavyweight brings both power and precision to his hard-hitting strikes, kicks, counters and training drills. Filmed in and around Yamaki's dojo in Los Angeles, this set includes an array of karate techniques broken down step-by-step and executed at full speed, demonstrating this bona fide warrior's physical prowess as developed through years of conditioning and practice. By practicing these techniques and rigorous conditioning drills, YOU can take your next step toward martial mastery!

Sparring Techniques: Counters Against Punches, Counters Against Strikes, Counters Against Kicks, Feints with Punches, Feints with Kicks, Double Attacks, Side-Step Attacks, Jumping Kicks.

Physical Conditioning: Drills for Strengthening Kicks, Front-Kick Balance and Control, Toe Crawl, Base-Leg Rotation, Kick-Combination Balance and Control, Hammer Swing, Body-Shield Drills, Advanced Stretching Techniques, Dodging Drills, Heavy-Bag Workout, and Full Contact Sparring Drills.

Special Features: Exclusive Interview with Kenji Yamaki, How to Train with Kenji Yamaki at Yamaki Karate!, Two Audio Options: English Dub or Japanese, Black Belt DVD Previews

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