Eku Bo (DVD)

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Eku Bo (DVD)

by Fumio Demura

Master the martial art techniques of Okinawa’s eku bo.

The eku bo—also known as the kai— is an oar used by Okinawan fishermen. Like other farming and work tools, the Okinawans developed martial arts techniques using the oar as a weapon for self-defense. Most of the martial arts techniques for the eku bo are similar to those of the bo, another Okinawan weapon.

In this self-defense DVD, sensei Fumio Demura covers the following:

  • basic stances
  • proper grips
  • self-defense techniques
  • blocks, counters and a basic beginner’s kata

    Karate sensei Fumio Demura studied kendo and judo in his youth. After becoming All-Japan Free-Fighting Champion, Fumio Demura focused his martial arts training on karate and the art of Okinawan kobudo. Black BeltHall of Fame member Fumio Demura travels the world to teach these martial arts techniques.

    (Approx. 54 min.)