Chinese Goju Volume 5 (DVD)

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Chinese Goju Volume 5 (DVD)

Learn martial arts the Ron Van Clief way.

Learn how to incorporate these advanced goju techniques into your martial arts training with this martial arts DVD. A 10th-degree red belt in Chinese goju, Ron Van Clief shares his knowledge with you in this volume, which also includes:

  • black-dragon kata
  • free-form and two-man self-defense techniques
  • karate and aikijutsu
  • women's self-defense techniques
  • grappling
  • choking techniques
  • and a review of basic block defenses

Ron Van Clief has competed in more than 900 tournaments, earned 10 U.S. championships, achieved five world titles and, at age 51, fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 4. (Approx. 54 min.)