Chinese Goju Volume 3 (DVD)

Chinese Goju Volume 3 (DVD)

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Chinese Goju Volume 3 (DVD) by Ron Van Clief

Master powerful strikes by learning Chinese goju’s martial arts techniques!
Chinese goju teaches fluidity and flexibility of the mind and body. It’s a combination of graceful movements and powerful self-defense techniques. Together, they form a very effective practical system. The movements are executed strategically in circular patterns, unlike traditional hard-style karate.
The system was created by World Martial Arts Hall of Fame member Ron Van Clief, a Vietnam veteran and a former New York police officer.
In this self-defense DVD, you’ll learn these advanced Chinese goju elements:
  • boxing fundamentals, punches and defenses
  • training-aid strikes
  • counterpunching footwork
  • free-form training
  • tensho kata
  • aikijujutsu techniques

Ron Van Clief has also studied jujutsu and ninjutsu. During the course of his martial arts career, Ron Van Clief has competed in more than 900 tournaments and fought in the UFC 4 at age 51.

(Approx. 60 min.)