Black Belt Magazine VOL. 59 NO.1

Black Belt Magazine VOL. 59 NO.1

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The Sabaki Revolution
Mike Ninomiya reveals how enshin karate’s rules, concepts and techniques are changing to keep pace with the martial arts world.

9 More Prime Principles
Tim Tackett explains the essential teachings of jeet kune do, the combat concepts that enabled Bruce Lee to fight the way he did.

Black and White, Part 2
We conclude our look at race relations in the martial arts, including the careers of Thomas LaPuppet, Chaka Zulu, Ron Van Clief, Victor Moore and Steve Muhammad.

Paper Tigers
We preview the world’s first martial arts sitcom, which co-stars Matt Page, better known as Master Ken of Enter the Dojo.

Is Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ready for the Street?
Burton Richardson explains 10 elements that will transform your sport into a true self-defense art.