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Burton Richardson's Silat for the Street

Silat is a truly amazing and combat-efficient martial art developed across Southeast Asia. The br...

Silat is a truly amazing and combat-efficient martial art developed across Southeast Asia. The brutally effective approach has proved its worth for centuries in countless life-and-death encounters. Now you can learn the fine points of silat in this step-by-step, clearly explained series.

The Silat for the Street course is all about the details. It is not enough to merely have a cursory knowledge of many techniques; we must have all the details ingrained and have the proper training methods to help us develop our skill as quickly as possible. I have been exceedingly fortunate to be able to train with some of the greatest silat exponents of our time. Through dedicated study, I was able to learn the small details on entries, follow-ups and takedowns that make the difference between failure and succeeding with great consistency. Because of these details, I was able to apply silat in fights as one of the original Dog Brothers and against high-level professional mixed-martial arts fighters.

While the dance and exhibition aspects of silat are important, this series focuses on the fighting application. My intent is to make sure that martial artists can apply silat principles and techniques in real time, in a life-threatening situation. To that end, the fighting portion is broken down into various sections, which include the following:

  • Footwork. This includes various footwork patterns that allow you to move your body into a position where you have an advantageous angle on your opponent.
  • Entries. I present many methods of safely and ballistically entering from the outside range into close quarters where you can fire all weapons and apply devastating takedowns.
  • Silat clinch positions. These are inside control positions where you can trap your opponent’s arms, neck or body so that you can strike without being hit.
  • Takedowns. An extensive array of silat takedowns, many of which are illegal in combat-sports competitions, are explained in minute detail so that you know all the major points of the takedown along with the levers and angles necessary to topple a larger, stronger attacker.
  • Ground fighting. Silat-based ground-fighting techniques enable you to quickly dispatch an opponent if you end up on the ground. These are not fantasy moves but actual techniques that I have tested successfully against skillful MMA and jiu-jitsu practitioners.
  • Sarong. I also have added a section on functional sarong usage to demonstrate how you can use a towel or jacket effectively in an actual combat situation.

I also explain and demonstrate functional training methods. I don’t want you to just learn the techniques; I want you to be able to develop the skill to apply the techniques, under severe stress, against an extremely aggressive opponent. The way you practice determines if you develop, or don’t develop, usable fighting skills. It is of utmost importance to me that all my students can actually use their martial arts to defend themselves, if necessary. The training methods, along with the details of the techniques, allow you to be functional. You will find all that presented clearly and concisely in this course.

I wish you great training as you improve your skills and expand your horizons.

— Burton Richardson

A print version of Silat for the Street will be available August 1 in bookstores and at

The e-book will be available at the same time on Kindle and on digital devices that run the free Kindle app (Apple and Android).

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