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Harinder Singh: Jeet Kune Do for Black Belts - Attack Strategies

This online course from Harinder Singh includes eight hours of advanced content delivered in 97 t...
This online course from Harinder Singh includes eight hours of advanced content delivered in 97 training videos that are designed to give all martial artists the tactical edge in a street fight against an opponent who is bigger, stronger or faster. You will learn how to intercept your opponent’s movements and destroy his punches and kicks so you can terminate the fight as quickly as possible. You will learn how to weaponize your awareness and manage your emotions so you can read your opponent’s strengths and attack his weaknesses. The master key to success is the ability to be like water and adapt to your opponent’s fighting style.

In the art of attack, there is no defense, only primary and secondary attack strategies. Primary attack strategy is used when you initiate, and secondary attack strategy is used when your opponent initiates and you counterattack.

Secondary Attack Strategy
• Introduction to empty-hand strategies and tools
• Stance – how to coil and strike like a cobra
• Footwork – the delivery system for power and speed
• Advanced Footwork – broken-rhythm combinations
• Combat Chess - the queen of all moves
• Tactical Breathing and Weaponizing Awareness
• 10 Magic Tools to Win a Street Fight
• EETGS – Targeting System
• The 5 Times to Strike Your Opponent
• The 5 Gates Drill – intercepting with wing chun and boxing concepts
• Jeet – how to intercept your opponent and "steal time"
• Defanging the Snake – how to destroy your opponent's punches and kicks
• Timed Hits – how to strike your opponent when he is most vulnerable
• Numerada Training Method – the "feeding hand" concept
• The Straight Blast – an elegant transition

Primary Attack Strategy
• Introduction to Primary Attack Strategy and the 5 Ways of Attack
• Single Direct Attack
• Attack by Combination
• Hand Immobilization Attack – trapping the hand and hitting
• Progressive Indirect Attack 
• Faking and Feinting Rhythms
• Setting and Breaking Rhythms
• Attack By Draw
Ping Choi Gua Choi - boxing and trapping attacks
• Mismatched Lead Combinations

Harinder Singh is a martial artist, speaker, author and high-performance coach. He has taught military units, Special Forces, Secret Service, SWAT and more than 100 law-enforcement agencies around the globe. He is a 23rd-generation tai chi master and a senior instructor responsible for spreading Bruce Lee's jeet kune do. A second-generation wing chun disciple in the Ip Man/Leung Sheung/Ben Der lineage, he is a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a guro in kali/escrima/FMA, as well as a wrestling, boxing and savate coach. Singh is also an advanced medical qi gong practitioner. Through online video programs, DVDs, seminars and private immersion programs, he spreads the physical, mental and philosophical aspects of the martial arts.

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