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Kelly McCann's Combatives Self-Defense Course

This cutting-edge remote-learning course taught by Black Belt’s 2008 Self-Defense Instructor of t...

This cutting-edge remote-learning course taught by Black Belt’s 2008 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year Kelly McCann was designed as a crash course in empty-hand fighting, as well as in defense against the weapons you’re most likely to encounter on the street: the stick, knife and gun. For more than a decade, the public has paid up to $500 for a weekend seminar with Kelly McCann.

Note that this is a one-time purchase! Once you sign up for Kelly McCann’s 5-Volume Combatives Self-Defense Course, you can watch the streaming video as often as you like on your smartphone, tablet or computer — anytime, anywhere! Standing in line at the post office? Take out your iPhone and learn knife defense! Waiting for your name to be called at the doctor’s office? Perfect time to pull out your Android phone and review your stick defense. Feel like learning a new technique with your dojo classmates? Take your tablet onto the mat and stream the move you want to master. There’s no limit to when or where you can learn combatives, one of the most effective forms of self-defense in the world.

Kelly McCann is uniquely qualified to teach this course. He’s spent the past three decades researching the world’s martial arts with a special emphasis on military methods — including the revered set of techniques that’s come to be called “World War II combatives.” Along the way, he modified these methods to make sure they meet the needs of 21st-century students of self-defense, who often find themselves facing threats that are quite different from those encountered by those World War II vets who engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

The result is Kelly McCann’s 5-Volume Combatives Self-Defense Course. The number of techniques is kept to a minimum so you can master them in a matter of months rather than years. The defenses are designed to rely on gross-motor movements, which means they’ll work under pressure in a real fight. Most important, the entire program was created as a lawful self-defense system, one that teaches legally defensible responses to attacks.

Simply put, there’s no better self-defense system or course in existence. If you’ve never taken a martial arts lesson in your life, no problem! Kelly McCann covers everything you need to know from the ground up. If you’ve trained in a traditional martial art for years or even decades, he won’t try to get you to abandon your roots. Instead, he’ll tell you how your current skills fit into his system and how you can tweak them for maximum effectiveness on the street.

Sign up today to get your training started — and to get instant access to valuable bonus material that includes these Kelly McCann articles that are guaranteed to assist you in your combatives training:

  • Applying Military Principles to Civilian Self-Defense
  • Keys to Keeping Your Self-Defense Skills Fresh and Functional
  • Guidelines for Successful Training in Combatives
  • Why You Should Record Your Training Sessions on Video
  • How Many Self-Defense Techniques Should You Learn?

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