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Sabaki Fighting Method: How to Be More Effective in Competition and Combat.

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This course is an in depth look into the revolutionary fighting strategy known as sabaki.  Sabaki is a Japanese word meaning, to work with energy efficiently.  This is why the art is revolutionary, it’s a concept/mindset that can be applied to anywhere or anything regardless of your background. 

The Sabaki Challenge is the oldest full contact martial arts event in the US open to all styles.  The creator of the Sabaki Challenge, Joko Ninomiya, is a living legend in Japan known as the modern day Miyamoto Musashi; the sword saint of Japan.  His son, Mike Ninomiya is no stranger to sabaki, he was a four-time world champion; often taking down opponents 30- 40 pounds heavier with grace.  Under his father’s supervision, Mike takes the legacy of sabaki into the future; incorporating a natural approach to sharing the art that is both beautiful and devastating.     

If you’ve been wanting a deep dive into sabaki, you are in patient and capable hands.  With over 40 years’ experience, Mike was awarded the highest rank under his father and the role of lineage holder, Vice Grandmaster.  Martial artists from around the world travel to the headquarters in Denver, Colorado to learn these mysteries based on simplicity and proper mindset. 

You will learn:

  • The proper mindset to make your sabaki effective and efficient
  • The framework of how to learn and practice the art
  • Universal approach to sabaki; regardless of your background or lack thereof
  • A logical and progressive approach from beginner, intermediate to advanced techniques
  • The NEW implementation of newaza or ground techniques
  • How to effectively carry out the transaction from stand up to the ground
  • Intensive details that supercharge your understanding of the techniques


  • Access to a private membership page on facebook where you can submit videos and Mike will personally provide support and feedback.
  • Access to a worldwide community of like minded sabaki enthusiasts
  • Discount code for his new 2021 training journal to help hold you accountable for your investment


  • Never recorded before, personal practices to transform you into the sabaki creature (internal work that will dissolve your physical, emotional and mental blockages and ultimately enhance your guidance system).

The real secret to your success is your own investment in time and energy.  Mike holds nothing back in his teachings, as your success with the proper mindset will help future generations. 


Mike Mitsuyuki Ninomiya is a martial artist, visionary, healer, author and strategic warfare consultant to individuals and Fortune 500 corporations.  His father, Joko Ninomiya is a living legend in Japanese martial arts, known as the modern-day Miyamoto Musashi.  Mike was a four-time sabaki world champion.  BJ Penn a multidivisional UFC champion said this of Mike’s style, “Knockout artist, Mike Ninomiya showcases the decisive, fluid and powerful aspects of Sabaki… the results; an extraordinary use of leverage, timing, positioning and surgical accuracy.”  Mike trains with professional mma and world class bjj athletes regularly to keep an open mind.  He has an extraordinary ability to apply his father’s martial arts principles to all facets of human interaction (health, relationships, personal development, and business) to make it accessible to anyone. 

He co-authored “Warrior in the Garden”, a remake of the book “Bushido” written over 120 years ago and a training journal based on Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings” for martial artists  He also runs transformational retreats in martial arts, energy work and personal development.  For more information on private consultations visit:  By honoring tradition, Mike finds creative ways to bring empowerment and positivity for future generations. 


Jeff W. Denver, CO

If you’re looking for a coach with a diverse skill set, a life time of experience and holistic approach to personal development, Fuku Kancho (Mike Ninomiya) is a rare find.  My training with him as a mentor in life has transformed my mind-body relationship. Prior to working with him, there was a large disconnect in this aspect of my person. His coaching has given me more control over my thoughts/ feelings, more energy to pursue passions, and a greater self-awareness.  I have never worked with someone who cared so deeply about my progress. Mike Ninomiya is intuitive, adaptive and balanced.

Dr. Doru G. (Thoracic  and oncological surgeon)

I first met Mike in 2003 when I began practicing Enshin karate.  Immediately, Mike’s charisma drew me to him, and over the past 17 years, I have had the privilege to get to know him as both a friend and a teacher. Mike brings an incredible energy and passion to everything he does and has a profound sense of spirituality. His dedication to self-improvement and introspection not only make him a wonderful human but also sparks inspiration in others. Mike’s approach to mind and body healing has had an immeasurable impact on my life, and I look forward to continuing to learn from him.


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