Aiki-Do Volume 4 (DVD)

Aiki-Do Volume 4 (DVD)

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Aiki-Do Volume 4 (DVD)
by Sam Combes

Learn aikido techniques and how to protect your face from attacks.

In this aikido techniques DVD, senseiSam Combes—a retired police officer who holds a sixth-dan black belt from the Yoshinkai Aikido Institute in Japan—illustrates advanced aikido self-defense techniques, which include the following:
  • chokes
  • happo giri
  • jushichi no jo
  • (short staff) kata
  • application of jo kata(with and without the staff)
  • advanced aikido moves

  • In the complete five-volume Aiki-Do DVD series, sensei Sam Combes also will teach you kata that make up the cornerstone of this highly effective martial art.

    (Approx. 60 min.)