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Tree of Shaolin Kung Fu with Shaolin Monk Wang Bo

In this Black Belt magazine online course, you will learn traditional Shaolin kung fu from Buddhi...

In this Black Belt magazine online course, you will learn traditional Shaolin kung fu from Buddhist monk Wang Bo, who began training at the famed monastery when he was 8. He teaches the philosophies of the martial art and the fighting methods that Shaolin monks have used for the past 1,500 years. The foundation of the course is the tree of Shaolin.

Roots — Just like a tree needs roots to connect with the earth, a martial artist needs stable stances and powerful legs. Wang Bo covers the horse stance, cat stance, bow stance and fighting stance, as well as the ankle cut, back sweep, cutting knee kick, low front kick, roundhouse kick and side kick. Extra: Wang Bo teaches the Shaolin tui fa form to develop your roots!

Trunk — Just like a tree needs a sturdy trunk to withstand attacks, a martial artist needs a torso that can absorb strikes, facilitate counters and move quickly when evasion is required. Wang Bo draws on the movements of the monkey and the snake. Extra: He teaches essential Shaolin exercises for fortifying your trunk, including the traditional shen fa form!

Branches — Just like a tree needs branches for protection from the elements, a martial artist needs effective hand skills. In Shaolin kung fu, they include the tiger claw, snake hand, eagle claw, leopard claw, mantis hand and monkey hand, as well as punches and palm strikes. Extra: Wang Bo teaches all these moves, along with the Shaolin shou fa form.

Self-Defense Combinations — Just like a tree needs roots, a trunk and branches to thrive, a martial artist needs all three components to create a body that’s healthy and capable of fending off threats. Wang Bo demonstrates 10 self-defense options for dealing with common attacks.

BONUS! You get instant access to a story titled “The Shaolin Whole-Body Workout.” You also get “A Concise Guide to the Tree of Shaolin,” along with the original article that accompanied Wang Bo’s induction into the Black Belt Hall of Fame.


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