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Kelly McCann's Combatives 2: Stick & Ground Combat

Following up on the success of Kelly McCann’s Combatives Self-Defense Course — and in response to...

Following up on the success of Kelly McCann’s Combatives Self-Defense Course — and in response to all who demanded more specialized instruction from the world’s premier combatives teacher — the AIM Fitness Network created Kelly McCann Combatives 2: Stick & Ground Combat.

The first half of the course focuses on the stick, including how to use it for self-defense and how to defend against it should you encounter a thug with one on the street. McCann covers basic angles, blocks and strikes, then delves into disarms and special applications. Along the way, he addresses power generation, stick usage on the ground and what he’s dubbed the “beatdown defense.”

The second half of Kelly McCann Combatives 2 offers a detailed study of ground fighting. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that translates to a generic grappling course or some form of modified Brazilian jiu-jitsu! Instead, McCann presents a curriculum composed of “butt work” (shrimping, crabbing and the tactical get-up), the butt-work flow drill, bucking, takedown avoidance, striking, fighting from the top, fighting from the bottom, scrambling, clearing the guard and fish-hooking.

Why should you trust Kelly McCann on subjects as crucial and unique as those? Because he’s been there and done that! A former Marine, he’s spent more than three decades researching the world’s martial arts with an emphasis on boxing, grappling and military fighting methods — including the techniques that are referred to as “World War II combatives.” He’s taken on assignments in the most dangerous parts of the planet, which quickly showed him what worked and what needed to be modified to work. In short, if you’re looking for an instructor who can offer easy-to-learn tactics and techniques that will save your hide in a fight — or that will supplement your main martial art — look no further than Kelly McCann and his Combatives 2 course.

Note that this is a one-time purchase. Once you sign up for Kelly McCann Combatives 2: Stick & Ground Combat, you can review the videos as often as you like. As long as you have a signal, they will stream seamlessly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. If you see a move you like — or one you have questions about — you can easily pause the playback, pocket the phone, drive to the dojo and show it to a training partner for feedback.

Sign up now and get instant access to 10 self-defense essays that could come only from the mind and accumulated life experience of Kelly McCann, Black Belt’s 2008 Self-Defense Instructor of the Year. They include the following:

  • The New KISS Principle: Keep It Seriously Simple
  • Avoiding Conflict: How to Dodge Bullets in Everyday Life
  • What You Need to Know About Fear, Pain and Humiliation — Parts 1 and 2
  • With Respect to Fitness, Are You Good to Go for Self-Defense?
  • Body Shots: There’s a Reason Headhunters Are Extinct
  • Is Dirty Fighting Something You Should Avoid?
  • Training Drills That Will Pump You Up and Yield Maximum Results
  • Stick It! Using Sticks, Batons and Other Bludgeons for Self-Defense
  • Keep It Legal! Thoughts on Weapons for Self-Protection

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