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Greg Jackson Mixed Martial Arts Core Curriculum

To better grasp what you’ll get from this revolutionary remote-learning course, it helps to look ...

To better grasp what you’ll get from this revolutionary remote-learning course, it helps to look at the man behind it. “For me, martial arts is a personal journey for self-improvement, self-defense, a better understanding of the world and an understanding of how to handle myself in any situation,” Greg Jackson says. “Mixed martial arts is the sporting aspect of what I do, but I’m first and foremost a martial artist.”

Translation: While the techniques and tactics that compose his MMA Core program undoubtedly will work in the cage, most of them also will work on the street. Rest assured that every one will further your own journey of personal development through martial arts.

Jackson’s unique curriculum revolves around his experience in mixed martial arts, a fight sport that he acknowledges can seem intimidating on television. But those fears are unfounded if you approach MMA training the right way, he says.

To assist you, he created the Greg Jackson Mixed Martial Arts Core Curriculum. His goal was to produce a program that would lay a foundation of basic exercises, drills and techniques designed to develop a functional skill set. On top of each lesson can be added more challenging moves that logically build on the previous ones.

Greg Jackson doesn’t take the easy way out and demo a series of his favorite finishing techniques. Any MMA fighter can do that. Instead, Jackson draws from his experience as a coach — Holly Holm, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Rashad Evans and Shane Carwin are among those who’ve availed themselves of his services — and covers the all-important setups for the techniques, as well as the requisite body positioning and footwork. All that goes hand in hand with the actual techniques.

Jackson’s teaching method has been refined over the course of more than two decades. Right after high school, he began showing select moves to his friends. As soon as the demand was there, he opened his own martial arts school in New Mexico. “That started my mixed-martial arts coaching journey,” he says. “We kept on winning, and more people started coming. Twenty-two years later, here I am, doing it for a living on the biggest stage in the world.”

Perhaps the best thing about the Greg Jackson MMA Core is that it’s not for competition only. Because his main interest is self-defense, he makes sure every move also has value in a real fight. The program works so well that law-enforcement officers and members of the U.S. military are adopting it.

“We’ve found that if you use the sporting aspect of mixed martial arts as a base, you can add things to it for very effective self-defense,” Jackson says. “We get feedback from police officers — especially in a place like Albuquerque, where they have to go hands-on a lot.”

Once you know all that’s gone into making the Greg Jackson Mixed Martial Arts Core Curriculum, as well as all that’s gone into making Jackson the martial artist that he is, you will begin to understand why Black Belt made him its 2015 Instructor of the Year. You also will begin to understand how this online-education program will make you a better martial artist.

Bonus! As soon as you sign up, you’ll be able to download two special reports. One reveals why Greg Jackson believes MMA can and should be taught as a martial art. The other is all about how he helped make Holly Holm an instant MMA star. That happened, of course, on November 14, 2015, when Holm defeated previously undefeated UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

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