The Art of the Ninja Volume 4 (DVD)

The Art of the Ninja Volume 4 (DVD)

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The Art of the Ninja Volume 4 (DVD)
By Jack Hoban

Arm yourself with the weapons and tactics of the ninja warriors.

Jack Hoban, a former Marine Corps captain, journeyed to Japan in search of the once-guarded secrets of the ninja. There, he trained with grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and reached the level of shidoshi (senior instructor). As one of the forefathers of ninjutsu in America, shidoshi Jack Hoban is an ideal instructor to teach new and experienced practitioners.

This volume of Jack Hoban’s The Art of the Ninja Warrior covers the following:
  • basic weapons training
  • the philosophy of the ninja
  • stick techniques for the hanbo, jo and rokushaku
  • empty-hand techniques
  • kamae with and without weapons
  • striking combinations
  • immobilizing an armed assailant
The Art of the Ninja Warrior Volume 4 will give you the tools to unleash the power of the ninja. (Approx. 52 min.)